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Moving In!

We are moving into the house! Yeahhhh.... It will take a few days to do it, but it's still exciting because our stuff is in there and it's beginning to look like our house. When we first began this journey, we technically talked through and knew all, or at least most of the steps involved. What has been sometimes hard, is that the time each of those steps would take wasn't always known.

The house was lowered onto the foundation a little over 2 weeks ago which felt like such a huge step, and it was! The amount of work / man hours that have gone into the house since then to get it ready to move into is staggering.

All the electrical re wiring and plumbing had to be done first. Then the holes where the steel beams have been removed from under the house, have to be framed and filled with concrete. The floor of the foundation where the cribbing stood holding up the beams had to be framed and filled with concrete. The exterior of the foundation had to be waterproofed (had to wait for dryish weather so the concrete wasn't soaking wet), Perimeter drains and their clean outs had to be placed around the exterior of the foundation and then covered with gravel. Then the back fill of dirt around the foundation has to be done so we can reach the doors. All of this has been done amid torrential rains. This has been one of the rainiest Novembers we can remember. That's saying a lot for a community that is essentially a rain forest!

So now the back fill is done at the back of the house and furniture and boxes can be carried in. Ahhhh.... :) It's pretty awesome to see our things in this house that has been sitting empty in our driveway for the last month +.

So now goes the challenge of continuing to downsize and purge 35 years of stuff that came from a 2500 square foot house into a 1000 square foot house. I think another garage sale is in order soon. :) Fortunately we still have 1 of the 3 storage units to keep stuff in until all the 'dust has settled'.

Tonight we are still in the trailer but that's' ok. It's been a long day and we are ready to stop for the night. The hot water tank will be hooked up on Monday and then the water lines coming into the house can be turned on and we will leave our little borrowed trailer.

So on we go. Still tons of work to do, but it feels like we crossed a huge threshold today. So thankful to all the friends and family who have helped.

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