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Black Currants, Black Elderberries, Boysenberries and Blackberries

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Black Currants
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How we started:
When we decided to grow berries, we knew we wanted to start with Blackberries.... wild, Himalayan and cultivated.  As we began to source and decide what to plant, our daughter Anna said she would post on Facebook and ask what kind of berries were hard to find for consumers.  
She came back with a very eclectic mix of berry choices.  Elderberries, Blackcurrants, Huckleberries, Saskatoon berries and a few others.... So we planted 'test patch' areas of crops to help choose what varieties are best grown here on our property and then continue to plant additional stock in future years. So we began with 4 different Test Patch areas.  We have Wild and Cultivated Black Berries,  Boysenberries, Black Currants, and Black Elderberries.  We have a few others that are just for our family's consumption and they are all growing like crazy!

About our Berries 

Some of our berries are not typical summer fruit berries, but they all have fantastic and unique flavor.  Check out our 'recipe' page for ideas.

Black Currants:  Black Currants are a small berry, similar in size to a blueberry but much darker.  The flavor raw is really good and slightly acidic.  Where Black Currants shine is when they are cooked.  Syrup, pie, jam... these beauties have a rich flavor that is a bit like combining blackberries and blueberries.  They are a super food with high levels of antioxidants.  Give them a try.  You'll love them!

Black Elderberries:  Elderberries are very tiny berries that have a dark skin and should be cooked to be enjoyed.  They are truly one of the top antioxidant super foods.  They are purported to help build immune systems and reduce inflammation among other things. (Wikipedia). Once cooked, they can be turned into juice, jam, syrup, and they make great wine.  Black Elderberries are super flavorful.

Boysenberries:  Boysenberries are a medium size juicy berry that is a cross between blackberry, raspberry, logan berry and the dewberry.  These beautiful berries became popular in the 1940's when 'Knott's Berry Farm' began to cultivate them.   They are a slightly tart and juicy berry and are wonderful eaten raw or cooked for pie, jam, syrup or anything that strikes your fancy.

Blackberries:  Coastal varieties of blackberries grow along every roadside and path in BC.  Most cultivars are wild and produce juicy, dark berries that are great in anything.  Our cultivated blackberries are extraordinary.  They are large, gorgeous berries that will amaze with their size (2-3" in length) and their bright sweet flavor.  These berries will bring you a new perspective on the humble blackberry forever.

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