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Family Haven

One of our hopes and desires in getting this piece of property was that we would be able to create a wonderful environment for our grand kids to grow up in. Jim and I both grew up in places that gave us space and freedom as kids to run, play, work and grow. Jim's folk's family dairy farm in back in Wisconsin is over 500 acres in the north woods. It's beautiful and has a huge place in all of our hearts. But it's a long ways away and not an easy trip to make, although our kids have been so good about getting back there and visiting, letting their kids see and experience 'the farm'.

My family's long term home on Thetis island had been in our family for almost 70 years. Thetis is one of the Gulf Islands and is about 3 x 5 miles in size. Small and incredibly beautiful. My grandfather built the home back when there were no ferries, and all the building materials had to be barged in, or found on the island. The home's foundation was built using cement mix and beach gravel. But as time marches on, it was just too much work for my parent's as Dad's health changed. It was a beautiful piece of property but very high maintenance with Reverse Osmosis water systems that had to be timed with the tides, eroding shore bank and aging buildings. So 2 years ago, we tearfully said good bye to Thetis that had been our family's haven for all of our lives.

Buying this piece of property for us, is a way of restoring that environment, here in our own town. We want our kids and grand kids to come and play, help with chores, build forts, plant things and watch them grow.... to feel like the new 'farm' is their haven and a place for our kids to watch their kids grow up like we did.

So there is still no home yet, but 'the farm' has been full of company and we love it. We used to always laugh and say that we had the 'party house' in our Steenbuck home because it had a large open plan living area and worked great for family gatherings. Jim and I laughed when we moved, thinking, our days of having the 'party house' are over. Nope. We will have the 'party house' even though we don't yet have a house! ha ha ha.... it's awesome!

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