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We Exist!!!!!

So my long saga of whether we exist or not has taken up several blog entries..... I finally wrote a rather long, polite and looking back on it now, slightly sarcastic letter to the final provider who was still questioning our existence. I just threw it out there to the last known contact. I figured it wouldn't go anywhere, but it made me feel better to send it.

It worked! I got a phone call in the grocery store the next day that the install team would be coming in the morning to connect service and that they guaranteed we would have full internet, phone and cable by the end of the next day! I was excited but of course a little bit skeptical as well

So in the morning while I was in town running errands, Jim sends me a picture of the install team in our driveway! Whoo hooo! It was actually happening. As the day progressed the weather got worse and worse until is was literally dumping rain on these guys working outside on the telephone poles. In spite of the earlier frustration, I did feel very grateful and pretty sorry for the poor guys working in the weather. So I said thank you the best way I know how... baking.

We were in the middle of a marathon baking spree for a big family potlatch that was happening on the weekend, so our daughter Anna and I had about 20 pans of different kinds of pie, bars and cake ready to take the next day. Yes, we did do all of that in 2 small trailer ovens! I sent out large helpings of just out of the oven double chocolate brownies. Gotta give them the kudos they deserve for not calling it quits so near the end of the day in crappy weather on a Friday.

On Monday, I was sitting at the laundromat and got a phone call from one of the big wigs in the provider company. He called to apologize for the frustrating process that had been happening. He was actually shocked at how bad it had all played out and was really helpful as we sorted through the financial end of it. He even credited us some extra discounts to compensate for our huge cell phone bill.

The last piece of the process was to stop by and thank the ladies at the local retail store for their help as well. They needed brownies too. I always figure if you are going to complain and want something resolved, you better take the time to thank the people who resolved the issue.

So now we truly exist. It's wonderful. Now if we can just find our phones in the storage units we can plug them in!

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