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We have power!!!!! We've been camping with out power for 2 and a half months... a little longer than a typical camping trip ha ha.... You kind of forget how wonderful power is! Now we can charge our phones in the trailer, not the car, and even turn lights on instead of using kerosene lamps and battery camping lanterns.

I can do my make up with my makeup mirror lit!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, there are not enough exclamation points to make that point real. I even got to pull out my gel nail stuff and do a good manicure that will last longer than the few days that regular nail polish does. I am a little bit neurotic about nails, make up and hair…. don’t get me started. The power comes just as the weather is starting to turn, so it was nice to have a small heater going through the night last night and not wake up to single digit temperatures in the trailer this morning with my head buried under the covers. Every little step feels like one more giant step towards normal life again. We are getting there

Next step is to get internet and phone going. They still say we don’t exist. Hydro was supposed to make our address exist. Hmmm…. Maybe existing takes time. I’ll call again on Monday.

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