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Existing is harder than you think!

If we don’t exist, how can Fed Ex find me with my amazon order? Hmmmm…. I mean seriously! If you google our address, google map finds us, shows you our giant field from a street and aerial view. The problem is this lot used to be accessed from a road on the other side of our neighbors house…. But they are two separate lots now, so we can’t have a Fosgate address when we don’t touch Fosgate road.

I can’t tell you how many conversations I have had with Canada Post, BC Hydro, Shaw and other service providers that say, “I’m sorry we can’t book any services for you until we recognize your address. In our system you do not exist.” So then I ask how do we exist? I mean we certainly are not the only people to buy a lot that has been subdivided and therefore has a new address. So Canada Post says it’s the city. The city says, ‘you are out of our jurisdiction’. Shaw says it’s up to BC Hydro. BC Hydro says there has to be services run and a building on site before they can recognize us….. (Our house is coming in October but we are living here in a trailer from July 5 on….)

So I finally go to the Strathcona Regional District office. They are very nice there. I ask our inspector who also happened to have grown up with our kids, ‘How do we make our address exist’? Jordan says, “Here’s a letter, stating your address, your property description and it’s signed by me. You now exist.” Gotta love working with adults you used to feed and yell at.

So I take this lovely letter to Canada Post. They say “Sorry, you still don’t come up on our system. The address doesn’t exist so I can’t give you a box number and key yet.” So they take a photocopy of the letter, and give it to someone else. In the mean time I’m paying to get our mail forwarded to ‘no where’… general delivery, which I then pick up at the main post office which is almost 30 minutes away.

The next day, we get a phone call to come pick up our mail box key. We exist yeah!!!!! The other key (you get 2) is in the mail box. So I go to the mail box, just around the corner (on the street we are supposed to exist on but don’t), and the key doesn’t work. ha ha ha…. ya just gotta laugh. Jim goes there a few days later and gives it a squirt of WD40 and now we have mail!…. but we don’t exist for anyone else yet :)

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