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Berries Planted

Our goal here at the 'farm' is to plant berry fields. So for this year we are doing 'test patches'. Trying out a number of different strains and types of berries for future planting. We are already seeing some significant difference between varieties and are looking forward to planting many more next year!

We've also started a small orchard which we are sharing with the deer.... not happily. We have been known to drop what we are doing any time of day and either yell out the window or go tearing outside to throw something.... yes we probably look ridiculous, but we are getting emotionally attached to what we are planting and trying to make sure the deer don't as well.

As you can see, the orchard is struggling and the temporary fencing Jim put around the fruit trees is only a minor hindrance to the deer. The solar electric fence around the black currants is working the orchard will get that as well before too long. In the mean time, we'll just keep yelling at the deer. A little crazy running through the farm will be normal to the neighbors eventually!

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