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House is Painted!

Well the yellow house... which many people really liked, (not me), is now a distant memory! yeahhh! We actually had people saying they wanted to start a petition for us to keep the yellow.... it would have been a complete waste of time ha ha ha.... I generally don't like being told what to do... (insert Jim rolling his eyes...) so the yellow was on it's way out, no two ways about it. Once the exterior was done on the addition and the stucco was on, I ran (literally I think) to Sherwin Williams to have them match the color and bought two 5 gallon buckets of white elastomeric paint. It's like painting with pudding but covers the stucco very well!

As soon as the weather warmed up, I started in. I'm not very good at long hours of physical work because of my RA, but I would work for a couple of hours most mornings and once I got too sore, I'd stop for the day. It was actually fun - to know I could do it - and to see the yellow slowly going away! Beth and Jed came to help and Brian came and did the high stuff for me.... awesome kids. :)

So the last of the paint went on last week and the doors are now painted as well. The weather changed really fast this year and after a dry drought of a summer, we are back to Rain Forest status here on the island. So painting is done for the year. The next step will be adding charcoal grey shutters. The window boxes turned out great and I have lots of fun plans for more landscaping. But for now, it's time to settle back into work and a nice rainy winter. I am ready for that!

First bit of white paint on... can't stop now!

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