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Our house is on it's way!

Victoria News did a feature today lamenting the old houses that are leaving Victoria. I'm sure for long time residents of character filled Oak Bay, it must be hard to see these lovely little cottages and character homes leave the neighborhood. However, this old house is on it's way to us, and we are so glad.

One of the neighbors of our house on it's original Hamiota street knew a bit of history of the house. It was one of 3 similar houses built by the same builder. Ours was the first to be built, just prior to WWII, the second house was built, and the third one started. Then the war began so the third house wasn't finished until after the war. When we first saw the house, it was like looking back in time to see this street of houses, most in such lovely condition whether original, or a well done reno / restoration. We look forward to continuing on with the restoration process.

The house was loaded onto a barge in Oak Bay, and then was joined by 3 other homes on the barge. It took 2 days for the barge to make it's way up the coast, stopping to drop off the other homes along the way. Then, at high tide the 3rd day, it was off loaded at the barge terminal north of Campell River. On Tuesday the 24th, it will be trucked to our property in the wee hours of the morning. I'm not really a morning person, but yes, I will be out there in my robe and boots to watch this little house that we have waited so long for, be brought home. I can't wait!


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