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Roof, Storm and Cooking

The roof is on the garage, just in time for a big storm to hit. I’ve divided the trailers now into a ‘kitchen’ and a ‘bedroom / ensuite’. Up till now there has been very little rain, very unusual for Vancouver island, so going back and forth between the trailers has been a bit inconvenient, but workable. It’s so nice to have the extra space that dividing the ‘house’ between the trailers has afforded. I feel like cooking again and that feels good.

Cooking and baking to me is the temperature of ‘normal’ for life. At least it is for my life. We just sat down to a nice meatloaf, baked potatoes, green beans and chocolate cake dinner tonight. That makes me happy. Jim was pretty happy too.

Jim’s been sifting and shoveling sand / gravel most of the day to lay a layer of sand over the service lines that are in the trench from the road to the shop. Then the heavier dirt can fill back in and hopefully some of the dirt mountains will disappear. Next task for Jim is the windows, doors and siding for the shop. We are getting closer to the house… little by little…. Oh yeah, work as well. Jim’s time off for focusing on the property is done so now it’s double duty. I went back to work a few weeks ago too. We’ll see how this all shakes out. :)


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