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Jed's Hot Tub

You gotta love the crazy that runs deep in every family. It runs pretty deep in ours most of the time. It's awesome. Who wants to be normal. That wouldn't be much fun at all.

I came home from teaching musical theatre summer camp and found Beth's 2 year old Jed, settled in for a nice evening in his 'hot tub'. He had gotten so dirty playing that Jim ran the outdoor shower at the back of our borrowed trailer into an empty tote. He also provided an upside down plant pot as an 'end table' for his juice box beverage. So now every time Jed is done playing at the farm he has to have his 'hot tub' time complete with accoutrements. If you forget the end table or the juice box, you stand corrected immediately! He also gets pretty ticked off when Beth says it's time to go home.

The other day Beth and I drove in the drive together after being in town and Jed immediately began to cry thinking it was time to go home already.

Grand kids are awesome... especially when their parents don't mind them sharing the family crazy.


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